Josh & Jillian Photography is a husband and wife team, comprised of Josh & Jillian Kelly, collaborating on film photography. Our relationship allows for a great flow and excellent communication during every project.

We have a passion for all things film. We love old things. Antique and vintage are adjectives that can describe pretty much everything we own. We have an absurdly large collection of cameras found at antique and thrift stores. One day we decided to see which ones still worked. We started with the (many) Polaroid cameras, then moved on to the 35mm film cameras. We found an immense appreciation for the Pentax K1000, a fully manual 35mm camera. Through using this camera, we learned so much more about photography, as well as camera functions in general, than strictly using digital camera in the past ever forced us to learn. We also discovered just how beautiful film photos are.

We grew up in a time when film cameras were still used. As we got older, however, digital cameras became the norm. Many kids these days haven’t even seen a film camera. Because of smart phones, everyone has a digital camera in their pocket now. Digital photography definitely has its place, we’ve been shooting digital for years, but there is something classic and timeless that only film seems to be able to offer.

We’re always experimenting with a little bit of everything, but we mostly shoot a combination of medium format and 35mm. We also have a particular soft spot for Polaroids.

Jillian is the bigger photographer out of the pair. She is the creative and artistic type. She’s always had a love for photos. In high school she was accepted into and attended the Kentucky Governor’s School for the Arts with an emphasis in photography. Continuing with her passion for art, she studied fashion at the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising in LA. After many years of shooting digital, she found a love for film. It changed who she was as a photographer, and it is something she’s excited about doing for the rest of her life. She has a great attention for the details, and brings a unique eye to each shoot.

Josh really comes from a background in video. He found a love for being creative by shooting short films with his friends on his first video camera, which shot on mini DV tapes. After discovering his passion for all things video, he ended up attending Asbury University focusing on Film Studies. His passion is telling stories. Whether, writing, directing, acting, or capturing the images on camera, he’s been trained for and loves storytelling. He never really had an interest in shooting still images until he started shooting on film. It just suits him. He finds that film simply captures beauty in a way that digital can’t. Because of his knowledge in expertise in video, he approaches photography in a different way than most. His favorite images are the wide shots. The wider, the better.

Together we have been successfully shooting wedding videography professionally since 2011. We were married on June 15, 2013. It seems as if our entire lives have centered around weddings the past couple years, so we have a good understanding of all that goes into making a wedding a reality. Everything from the planning, scheduling, and the day of activities of a wedding - we get it. We love working with people to make their wedding a dream come true, and capturing those memories forever. Not only do we have an amazing personal life, we also have a great working relationship. We complement each other, picking us where the other leaves off, making for a fantastic team resulting in great finishing products.

Outside of work, we're always exploring new creative outlets. We also enjoy coffee, a lot. Netflix is another addiction. Travel is a favorite adventure. Maybe most of all, we love our 4 year old mini goldendoodle, Niles, and a sheepadoodle puppy named Otis.