Film is different. In this day and age, finding a photographer who shoots on film is quite a rarity.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with digital photography. There are some extraordinary digital cameras out there. The technology has come quite a long way, and it continues to progress. Most photographers shoot digital. We have many photographer friends, whom we love, and almost all of them exclusively shoot digital images.

So, why shoot film?

Some of it simply comes down to preference. As humans, we all have aesthetic preferences. The clothes you wear, the furniture you put in your house, your car, your hair style, favorite movies, music, any kind of art, and any other million other things - they're all stylistic choices that you've made. We love film because it is raw and beautiful. It's honest. Even looking through the viewfinder and feeling the mechanics of a film camera is a unique experience. The colors are incredible. It is timeless and and gorgeous. The light and texture of the image come across in a way that digital photography can't replicate. A film photograph has character. Film feels real.

It is also for philosophical reasons. The process of shooting and developing film forces you to approach photography in a different way. When using a digital camera, you can shoot literally thousands of images in a day without a second thought, and most wedding photographers do. Film is costly. Because it isn't common place anymore, buying the film and having it developed and scanned is expensive. Also, it takes time to reload the film when a roll is finished. Instead of constant clicking of the shutter, you let the moment breathe and take the photo at just the right time. You treasure every exposure. Every mistake actually costs you money, so you make sure every photograph is perfect.

There are some logical reasons. Film photographs, taken on a good camera by someone who knows what they're doing, really are of fantastic quality. There are actually several different aspects of photography that handled better by film than a digital camera in certain situations. Film doesn't have pixels, but when you compare the details of a film photograph to that of a digital photograph, the relative megapixels are something much higher than any professional digital camera has ever had. Even grain, the ugliest aspect of digital photography, is somehow pretty on film.

Film is risky. You have to be very smart and very careful. It is a delicate process. There very well could be mistakes. Sometimes certain mishaps associated with film actually give the images a certain charm. Shooting on film is its own type of adventure. You don't have the luxury to immediately check the shot you just took. You have to be knowledgeable and skilled. We learned so much more about cameras and photography in the first couple months of shooting film than we did in the several years shooting digital.

There is no right or wrong. What you choose for your wedding or session is up to you. We shoot film because we love it. We love everything about it. If you book us, I think it will be because you love it too.